Ultra-High Capacity 1000A 12/24V Lithium Jump Starter


Lithium battery jump starters revolutionised jump starter technology, making them lightweight and ultra-compact. This one is compact, but it’s great on the inside! It works on 12V or 24V systems, to provide a whopping 1,000A of peak current (500A on 24V systems). A massive 22,200mAh of LiPo power is ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice. Capable of starting cars, motorbikes, but also large motors such as boats, trucks, buses, other industrial and commercial applications. Intelligent detection circuitry provides automatic 12 / 24 selection, with a manual override option useful with very low discharged batteries (when Auto mode isn’t able to detect correct battery voltage). Like all good power banks, a USB outlet is also provided for mobile phone charging and powering other usb devices too. A small light is also included which is very useful at night and in enclosed spaces. Short circuit, over-temperature, over-current, and internal battery protections are included to ensure the jump starter stays in good working order. Mains and car charger included, with battery-level indicators on the unit.


– Ultra high capacity jump starter

– 12V / 24V compatible starting with automatic detection

– USB charging outlet and light

– Power Input: 15V @ 2A

– Battery Type: Lithium Polymer

– Battery Capacity: 22,200mAh/88.8Wh

– USB Output: 5V @ 2.4A

– Start Current: 12V 500A / 24V 250A

– Peak Current: 12V 1000A / 24V 500A

– Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C

– Battery Lifespan: > 1000 charge and discharge cycles

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